Roo broke his break this morning

Rachelle Elaine

Mar 28, 2021
Castroville, Texas (San Antonio)
I don't know how to stop bleeding. Small town, beta are closed on Sunday. Please help.
Looks like it's a tip break.
I'll get another photo. This one isn't good


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Blood stop, or if you have none then corn starch or even flour will help stop the bleeding. Turmeric powder (the spice) can also work. It's going to be very painful for him until it hardens up and dries out, so be gentle as possible. He may not eat or drink well while it's so painful, so keep an eye on him. Mix his feed with some water to make a mash and put in a deep, open raised dish to make it easier for him to feed. The softer feed will be less painful for him also and the extra water will help with hydration. It should be feeling better in a few days. Once it's stopped bleeding and is easier to see, another picture if you think needed. If this was from fighting with another roo, I'd separate them.
Wire fencing can be a cause of beak injuries if the chicken runs into it or tries to peck through it. But sparring with another rooster could have been the cause. Hopefully with the pain he, will still get enough to drink and eat. Having mushy wet feed, changed often so it does not spoil sounds like a good thing to try. I also would put multiple water stations in shaded areas, so he at least will drink and stay hydrated. Good luck.

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