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    One of my hens just had four babies. One of them is clearly a barred rock. But it would be a barred rock farm mutt mix. (Mom is true barred rock, dad not so much.... [​IMG] )

    I have three barred rock hens. None of them have given any sign of becoming broody at any point. But, I was thinking about moving the new barred rock who I suspect is a roo, [​IMG] into the small coop with the three hens (when he gets old enough obviously) and not collecting eggs just to see if I could get some barred rock chicks.

    Since the chick is not pure bred, I would do it just because I like the black chicks.

    Bad idea since he's not pure?

    Bad idea since he would be potentially mating with his mother?? [​IMG]

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    Lots of people have "mutt" chicks, meaning mixed breeds, including me. Nothing wrong with it as far as the health of the chickens. Hatcheries do it all the time to increase egg production. Personal choice.

    I'd have to research the genetics section about the mother/son mating. Some intrafamily matings are fine and some not so fine.
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