Roo got comb caught on hanging food line


Aug 7, 2021
My daughter's roo was found with a string wrapped around his comb, that hold there food container up from the coop ceiling, the very next day he started holding his head down and his neck looks like something could be wrong with it, I gave him NUTRI-DRENCH, and separated him, not sure what else I could do for our poor guy


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Welcome to BYC. Your rooster may have wry neck (torticolis.) It can be caused by a head or neck injury, and is a neurological symptom. It is also seen in some vitamin deficiencies, and in in certain diseases. You could try treating him with 400 IU of vitamin E in human soft gels which can be opened and squeezing into a little food. Also give 1/4 tablet daily of a human vitamin B complex tablet crushed into a little egg yolk or scrambled egg. Make sure that he is taking enough water and food, or you will need to hand feed him. Hopefully he will soon be acting more normal.

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