Roo + Hen = Fight?

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    Dec 9, 2012
    Hello fellow chicken keepers, It's been a while since the last time I was posting here.
    I had foolishly believed I knew everything I needed to know about my rooster but I was wrong...
    being a single rooster in my family he got along just fine with everyone (except my dad :p) I had done everything my research on chickens had thought me, he was doing fine and was so loved by everyone that he became some sort of spoiled brat, (he wont even eat bugs anymore).
    The rooster is 1 year old and for a while he had been doing his little rooster food calls picking it up and dropping it and his little rooster love dance on water bottles, plant pots, trashcans etc... so, my family thought he was feeling kind of lonely and could use a hen to share his life with.
    So a couple days ago we got a cute, and sort of shy/calm little hen from a friend who said she was a 1 year old just like him, and we got the 2 together.
    things turned weird...
    the hen who first showed interest on the rooster was received with a cowardly and fearful roo, he would run away from her and would go insane if I held him near her for a second, it was madness! she would try to get close but he would run for his life.
    I decided maybe it was just that the roo was not used to being around other chickens and thought time would heal it, and it did two days later, the hen would follow the roo and he would walk around the house and yard closer to each other than before, they would even sleep peacefully and didn't stay awake fearful of each other, until yesterday while In the garden I heard the hen screaming and the rooster chasing after her in attack mode, I was very confused so I investigated, I learned of how aggressive roosters get with the hens while trying to mate, I thought maybe that was the case, but today I noticed the hen is terrified of my rooster and he will get in fighting mode if she even walks near him she is now afraid of him, he keeps doing his little mating calls and such but when she answers he would walk away in despise, if he gay? racist!? why is he behaving this way???
    this is a terrible situation if their relationship doesn't work one of them will have to be taken away and turned into soup! D:
    so much for love...
    So I ask for your help to solve this dilemma
    tyvm :)

    The "loving" couple :/ (rooster is significantly bigger than hen)
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    Jan 16, 2012
    That is a strange rooster.

    Was this rooster alone all his life? If so, he may just not have become socialized to other chickens.

    Maybe you should get a Jersey Giant hen to straighten him out. :)

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