Roo & hens~ Wont go to bed in the coop at night together!!!!!

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    Im a newbie~ and totally addicted to this site!!!

    We have 1 RIR, 1 BA,(orginal batch, dominate females and egg layers) 1 crested top duck, 1 rabbit and 6 bantam mixes (we buy from the bins at the feed store so not sure what we get until I google them!!)

    All are hens~but only two are laying now...The first 2 listed came from the first batch an the last 6 came from another batch! For the life of us, we cannot remember WHEN we got these batches so have no idea how old they are!~

    All the girls freely roam the yard, front & back and go visit our neighbors on the street~ We live in the city but have an acre of fenced in property so they roam around~

    Figured we needed a Rooster so we went to the feed store and picked up a Rooster and brought him home to the GIRLS!! Thought they needed a man around the house and one to show them were to bed down at night! WRONG! He looks about TEENAGER age ~ walks light on his toes....~ not very MANLY for a Rooster if you ask me!!! Not sure if it is because Dh cut off his spurs when we brought him home and trimmed his feather cuz he was a flyer or what....???

    He sleeps on the side of the house and they sleep where ever they want to..On my lawn furniture, in the wagon, behind the garage..Never ever in the same place! Dh put a little ramp up on the chicken cage/coop AKA used rabbit hutch~but they refuse to stay put at night!

    Dh spends about 1 hr a night going out and checking on them to see if they made it in the house or not?? Tonight he said, 2 of the girls walked up the ramp and he put the others in there BUT when he went back to check on them, they were all out again! [​IMG]

    He is loosing sleep over trying to bed these girls!!! Any ideas? and Why on earth will HOSS the ROO not bed down with them??
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    [​IMG] Do they have a roost?


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