Roo is crowing and trying to impress his buff ladies! :P(long)

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    Yay! Our little guy, Foghorn, who is a 6 month old Splash Cochin rooster, is crowing for the first time! [​IMG] He lives with two Buff Orpington pullets, and he's very fond of them(though they aren't to him that much) and he tries his best to impress them. [​IMG] When we carried both of them out to run around on a warm day,(Foghorn can't come out because he will try to run away) we were watching the pullets eat some of the new grass because some snow had melted, when we heard this distant "COCK-ROOOO!!!" It sounded like a rooster with a sore throat! [​IMG] We waited, then... "COCK-ROOOO!!!" [​IMG] [​IMG] LOL Then we noticed it was coming from the garage, where Foghorn was. Poor guy was calling to his ladies! [​IMG] So, we put the two buffs back with Foghorn, and sure enough, he started dancing around his favorite pullet of the two, Caramel. [​IMG]
    Well, that's the crowing part. Foghorn is now starting to get the hang of it, but he's still having issues with impressing the buffs; especially Caramel. [​IMG] He's been trying so hard to impress them, but they haven't been being very nice to him; we have found some eggs from the buffs with large germinal spots, but Caramel is just not warming up to him very well, even though she's a Buff Orpington. Poor guy. He dances around them, he tries to be a good leader(letting them know where there's food, warning when there's danger, and making a funny noise when we enter the garage, so his ladies know! [​IMG]). Even one day, Caramel ATTACKED him!!!!!!!! [​IMG] [​IMG] He was dancing around her and clucking and strutting around, while she was eating her breakfast. But when he approached to mount her, she jumped over the food dish, grabbed his neck feathers and kicked at him! He screamed and ran away. [​IMG] When he came back to get some food, she stuck up her neck feathers and charged him again! I never knew she could be so vicious! LOL she's such a sweet pullet. Maybe it's because she's going broody(or showing signs of it) so she's in a grumpy mood. [​IMG]
    But anyways, our little boy is growing up! We got him a couple months ago. His comb is getting larger, and so are his wattles. He's crowing, impressing the ladies as best as he can. And his feathers are coming out pretty nicely! He's such a handsome rooster; i don't see why Caramel doesn't like him very much!!! [​IMG] [​IMG] (She IS a female! At first we thought she was a rooster, because she has a pretty big comb for a Buff Orpington, compared to her sister. And the way she attacked Foghorn! But we saw her lay an egg so she IS a female!) [​IMG]
    Thanks for reading!(sorry for such a long story. lol) [​IMG]
    -77horses [​IMG]
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