Roo Justice & feeling GUILTY!

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by dixiechick, Aug 2, 2008.

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    The hand of justice is quick around here. I just bid my last good-bye to Clyde (mate to Bonnie). Clyde is an Old English Bantam who makes it his business to fight with my coveted Cochin roo. The first time it happened, I warned Clyde and we battened down the hatches of his run, but this morning, when freshing food and water...he gives us the slip and cut the face of Elvis (cochin roo) AGAIN!

    So, a quick call to my father and it's off the the Poulty Penitentiary (my father's farm)....

    ...thing is, he has never hit me or the kids..and he was a good mate for Bonnie...but this fighting this drives me crazy.... I feel guilty....[​IMG] I alone?
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    Aug 13, 2007
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    Don't feel guilty....especially if the poultry penitentiary is just another farm! (or does dad get the chicken nugget craving when you send a naughty roo his way??)

    At least your other roo will thank you for eliminating that rude competition!
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    no no no....he took my kids with him so they can see that Clyde gets acclimated to his new girls and fellow roos (several of whom are more than willing to take ole Clyde down a peg or two)...

    ...needless to say, I liked the old meanie...if he wasn't so darn, well, mean! you think brooding Bonnie will upset her upcoming hatch (due next Sat) because of his absence? Did I act too quickly????
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    Jun 22, 2008
    A rooster being agressive to another rooster is just instinct. I've got six week old Phoenix chicks that spar daily and will be agressive to other roosters when they grow up. When I introduced a new rooster into the layer flock due to the death of my 8+yo RIR each hen took her turn in fighting the new guy. It's their nature to be agressive whether it's a hen or a roo, that's just the way they are. Now had he tried to dig those spurs into you or the kids I would say it was time for a stew pot. Your personal safety would be at stake then.

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