Roo Nursed Back To Health!

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    Aug 14, 2008
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    I posted this a couple of days ago about sick chickens. I got some very good advice from BYC members and can now report a complete recevery. ~ I have two chickens that are acting very legarthic and with their neck feathers sticking out. Crop is empty. They are buff orpingtons less than 1 yr old. They are free range but have been inside for two days since the cold weather set in. One of the orpingtron hens has the same symptoms to a lesser degree. This is a mixed flock so the orps are to some extent "picked" on.The rest seem to be just fine. Please someone tell me whats wrong??~

    As suggested by BYC members I hand fed the sick chicken soft boiled egg and gave polyvisol. He is now feeding himself and is looking his old self. My wife wanted to put him out of his misery on Sat. but I wasn't ready to give up. He couldn't hold his head up and was sad to look at. I will still have him isolated for a couple more days but it looks like he made it!

    After looking back I think it was a combination of the wrong diet and being picked on. Ahh sweet success! Thank you BYC members!
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    Congratulations on the recovery!

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