Roo or Hen? 4 month old Cochin


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Aug 1, 2016


I've had this (presumed) hen since she was two days old (Apr. 18, 2016) We have two polish laced Roos in our coop from our straight run package who just began crowing, and I'm wondering if this Cochin is just a big, assertive hen or a roo. Has not crowed, but does occasionally peck the Roos. She has always been the "leader" or sorts, all her fellow hens would take shelter under her wings when they were chicks and follow her around. So, roo or hen?
Cockerel, that's about what my buff Cochin cockerel looked like at 12 weeks as well, versus the blue Cochin pullet still had very little comb/wattle development and they were pink tinted. Our roo crows, but not much and has a very deep voice.
at four months, that comb and wattle is too big and red for a pullet. I raise cochins, and the comb and wattles dont turn red until they start laying. And they're never that big until they're about a year old.

Just turned 4 months, large fowl Cochin---that's a cockerel. They're slow to mature, so he may not crow for a few more months as he continues to grow.

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