Roo or no?


6 Years
Dec 2, 2014
This looked very much like a hen when I picked it up. Compared to 30 odd definite roos, anyhoo. Next to my definite-hens, it looks somewhat like a roo! Of course, no-one's in breeding plumage which doesn't help but am I right in thinking I was wrong when I got it?

It doesn't make much difference if he is a he; I'll just see how we go with my other fella and add more girls if necessary. No biggie. Seems to be a peaceable little dude/dudette in any case.
Is it wild colored or Italian? It seems to have a few spots, It looks kinda like one of my Italian girls she had some Manchurian gold in her and they sometimes have girls with little or no spots. Mine you have to kinda squint and turn your head and hope that the moon is in the right phase to see them but they are there. Lol
Italian. I see a few spots too, but also rust which is what's throwing me!

But, I am fairly sure now she is a she. There has been a less-than-healthy egg appear which I've been told elsewhere can be a sign of stress (weak shell, cream coloured with a dark smudge at the pointy end), which fits with bringing her here and the environment she was in before; and I was told that my other girls had already stopped laying when I collected them.

No issues with my white roo either, and one of the others has had a peck which she appears to only do to hens. So it's looking hopeful! Another egg has appeared since which was perfect, so hopefully that's her just finishing off for the year and less stressed. She's certainly looking better now, less fluffed up and perkier.
Looks like a female. Typically italian or golden roos of variety will have a brown face mask or cap. Occasionally though you can see a roo with a black mask but its much less common.

As far as the chest spotting, if its an italian and was crossed over a manchurian it could easily be displaying manchurian chest spotting and not italian spotting. Manchurian hens spotting will be very similar to whats pictured, tiny little rust spots that can be hard to make out.

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