Roo or Pullet? (Mutt)

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    Gender? 4 weeks old
    Dad was a mutt, possible white leghorn, jersey giant, and easter egger in the mix. I'm pretty sure easter egger is in the mix cuz the other large chick is easter egger brown looking.
    Mother of this was an australorp. (Mother of the large easter egger looking one was barred rock.)

    This bird is intelligent, learns quickly, watches EVERYthing, and has never shown fear....all from day zero. S/he's also always been the top of the pecking order without need to bully. The others follow her lead.

    The comb has recently started turning pink and growing bigger than was, pink wattles recently started showing, and s/he's a fast featherer, and makes soft sounds but usually super quiet. The tail feathers have begun 'drooping' towards the end.

    In the picture that has three birds, s/he's the one in the middle.
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    Cute little cockerel
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    Thank you all. We were hoping this bird was just a more observant female. Out of 5 hatchlings, only one is female, I guess. It's a good thing I bought three other chicks....though one of those turned out to be from a straight run (the feed store employee either lied or didn't know). It'll be sad to have to send this pictured one off, as teaching it helped teach the others. For example, BB immediately made the association that getting into the cat carrier led to treats and either going outside or going back inside. BB sees the carrier and hops in, then the others follow. BB was also the only other chick that the large brown sibling (the female) hangs around during rest time. (The female doesn't associate much with the smaller, younger, bought chicks.)

    I'm sad, but I've got a week to come to terms with the loss of this one, and begin the separation of the two.
    Again, thank you, all.

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