Roo or Pullets?


7 Years
May 20, 2012

This one is a 8 week old Silver laced wyandotte, will call "A"
Another 8 weeks old Slw "B"

"A" infront "B" in back

This is a 6 week old white longhorn roo or pullet?

Any help would be great:)
Im gonna take a stab as this one seems obvious to me( please dont take my word I am new to this).. A is a cockrel B is a pullet.. And the leghorn ( a total guess) pullet.
I think "A" is a roo too, my 4 year son named it, Mr. Fluffly Pants at 2 weeks old
That's a cute name....I have roosters...they are friendly and don't (attack) anyone like some say theirs do. If he's handled a lot when young, he should be friendly when he
gets older. I also like to hear my roosters crow.

Two years ago I let two of my broody hens hatch eggs. Well, I got 6 roo's out of it. I couldn't give them away..I got attached and I didn't want them to be eaten. So my DH built me a rooster coop. They all get along and are all friendly.

Hope you keep yours...SLWs are beautiful birds.
Aren't golden sex link chicks sexed at birth? I think redish chicks are pullets and white chicks are roos. If you picked them up straight run you might have one of each.

If you got them sexed, you should have two pullets. #1 and #2 look different, I really don't have a clue...sorry.
We got them at the feed store brought them as pullets but with the different coloring, I'm not sure

P.S. We would like to keep a roo but can't in city limits here
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Oh that's to bad....Check to see if your neighbors would mind crowing. My friend lives in the city...she also got a rooster, she asked her neighbors and they were fine with it. If not, I'm sure you can find him a good home.

I got 8 chicks from our feed store (also suppose to be pullets) they were 1-2 weeks old. I checked their wings, the one SLW I wasn't sure about (and got anyway) is a roo :(

Well, if you got them from the feed store as sex link chicks and got a reddish chick and a white chick, I would say you have one of each. But their still young yet, maybe someone else will know....I'm just guessing.

You should check your feed store, our feed store will take roosters back and sell them for you. You can also put him on

Sorry I'm not much help...someone else will reply soon and hopefully tell you more.

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