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    How many aseel hens with an aseel rooster? I currently have one cock and two hens. the third aseel hen is currently raising chicks which are about 6 weeks old. also when will she leave her chicks and start laying again?
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    You should keep one rooster for every ten hens you own. Your hen should return to laying within 4-10 weeks of the babies hatching.
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    The 10 to 1 ratio for hens to roosters is a commercial production SOP geared toward achieving 100% fertility. Breeders often use a much lower ratio when controlling particular parentage goals. You have to watch the situation to see make sure rooster doesn't over-mate the hens causing stress or injury.

    After she leaves the chicks to go back to roost and again submits to the roosters advances, eggs shouldn't be far behind.
    4-10 weeks is pretty good range.
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