Roo Vomited


10 Years
Oct 28, 2009
Derbyshire, England
As my title says my Roo vomited this afternoon and was gagging quite a bit earlier too (before i put them in the coop to roost) .. I have added some ACV to the water to see if this helps ...

Anyone had this before or know any reasons why this could be happening ? ...I have kept chickens for just over a year or so now and NEVER seen one vomit ..
Something caught in his throat/crop maybe? What does the vomit look like (clear, chunky)? If clearish liquid maybe bacteria/ sour crop. Depending on the situation you might try offering him something to help work whatever is going on down and through (some have suggested a little bread with olive oil or just olive oil etc.). If able might feel crop and massage gently if seems like there might be blockage problems.
Thanks ..

My brother suggested olive oil too ... Its late here now so i cant do anything yet, All i can do is hope nothing is seriously wrong and help him in the morning ...he seems fine considering though ..

I think the liquid was clear ..didnt really think to examine it .. I wasnt really worried untill i saw him gagging by that time it was gone

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