Roo vs Hen Ratios

I would think one roo would be happy enough, but you might not have a real high fertility rate. How old is the roo?

Check your eggs and see if they are getting fertilized. the recommended is 10 hens to a roo, so you really need 4 more hens, to get one more roo. (Is that chicken math?) But you might also get a wreck going with roo's fighting if you try and add another one.
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My last roo got attached by a dog, died two weeks later. I am getting a trio of SLW from the Foley line next week. The roo is young, so I don't expect much from him til late summer maybe?
My roo is with 16 hens. I put 6 eggs under a broody. Results: 4 born, one dead in shell ( complete),and one unfertilized. I'm not good in %. He is 1 year old.

This is Armin....

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