Roo was caught in between a grow out pen and fencing

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    I've shared my story about how this happened on the Polish thread and Nevadans but now I need some opinions on treating him. So here's what happened.....

    He is a Polish/Silkie mix that came as an extra ('cause he had a small crest) in 8 Polish I purchased. They have free ranged with all my other chickens and roo since they were young (they're about 3 months) but since we're going to breed we had been working on a chicken house and run just for Polish...and I have this little guy on Craigslist since he's a mix and a boy.....Before putting them in the new hen house I noticed that two of the boys had some pecking done on their crest. Well, after about a week of being in their new home I noticed that one that hadn't been picked at had a dime size bald and bleeding spot! Earlier my grandson had commented that "Mr T" had been picking at some of the chickens and after watching I decided it was him.

    The next morning I put him out with the free range chickens, figuring he'd just hang on the other side of the fence to his group and go back into the coop he use to be in. Well, I don't know what happened (we went on the lake that day) but by that evening he was gone. I spent all yesterday cleaning the coops, adding mulch to the flooring so it won't be so muddy, and looking for this guy.

    Last night when I went to close up my dog had her nose deep into a tight spot between a grow out pen and fencing and sure enough, there was the roo! I was sure he was dead. I could hardly reach him so I pulled on his tail and the roo made some little noise!!!!! I called for my husband to help and I went around the other side and pushed and pried and made enough room for my husband to pull him out.

    He was laying sideways so his equilibrium was off and he had a hard time sitting up but was finally able to sit. He's unable to stand but is eating and drinking. I put him in a cage but back in the coop with his peeps. This morning he is standing but I haven't seen him try to walk. So if you're still with me...sorry, I don't know the short story.....I'm wondering what to do for him now. Should I leave him in the cage but in the area with his flock? Or move him into the grow out pen where he'll have more room but he won't be able to see his peeps, he'll be able to see the other chickens as they come in and out to lay but they don't hang around in there, they're free ranging.

    Also, is there something I should give him to help with pain or the legs being in that position for so long? Had to be around 24 hours! He's crowing away, not happy being in the hen house alone I'm thinking.

    Any suggestions is appreciated! Thank you, Pam

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    I would give him some electrolyte/vitamins in his water and probiotic in his food. Stress depletes all the good stuff in our bodies (like good gut flora/good bacteria in the digestive system). Keep him quiet and protected for a few days and just let him come back around. If he's able to stay with the other chickens without getting stressed or harassed, all the better. But he probably just needs rest, supportive care and time to heal up whatever hurts/is sore.

    That must have been scary when you found him. Glad your dog let you know where he was.
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    Thank you ReikiStar. I closed the hen house and let him out of the smaller cage to let him stretch his legs a bit. This afternoon I opened the pop door and then sat in the run with everyone. He was very timid at first, ran under the bushes when he heard my big Roo talk some roo speak to him (guess I know why he got himself so stuck). The roo's he'd been picking heads on stood tall when he came close to the flock but during grooming he snuck in close and you could see how he loved being back in the group.

    I stayed until they went to bed and Mr T returned to his cage so I locked it up.

    I can't believe he survived all this, I like his attitude adjustment (although he was people friendly before) and I see no limping or any wounds although I saw a little bit of blood on the door handle from when I opened it last night, I find no wounds on inspection. I'm still going to give him the electrolytes, he seems tired but the little pecker [​IMG] seems to have come out of it unscathed!
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    Awe what a sweet story. Hope Mr T keeps getting better and keeps his new attitude.

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