roo with eye infection

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    Jul 23, 2008
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    I have a roo with a nasty eye infection. I noticed a couple of days ago it was swollen, but I thought it was something that would pass, like a bee sting or something. Yesterday it was hugely swollen, with a little drainage and he was keeping his mouth open. I put him in the hospital cage with Sulmet in his water and food...this morning his other eye is swollen a little, with drainage and his water was knocked over....I have called feed stores and a vet to find out what to do, but nobody has Tylan and the vet wants to see him......I just can't afford that today.

    I need to know what can I inject because the poor guy can't see to drink now and knocks over his waterer.
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    Shoot, this doesn't sound good! I wish I could offer you suggestions, but I've never experienced that.

    Good luck with your sick roo! [​IMG]
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    TSC has Tylan. Do you have one nearby?
  4. tattooedchickenlady

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    Jul 23, 2008
    Dinky Springs, la
    I called them, and they do..If I get some, how much and exactly how do I give it? I tried warm compresses with Sulmet solution. It helped, he could at least open his left eye, he seems pretty listless and light, I hope it's not too late. I had him drink some of the warm sulmet water too, like I drink hot water when my throat hurts.
    I opened his mouth and I see what looks like infection in the "slit" in the roof of his mouth. Kinda yellowish curdled consistency, and his mouth is open all the time. Does this mean sinus/ respiratory infection. The lady at TSC was the only helpful person I dealt with today ( I called local feed stores and a vet) she thought it could be pox, but I don't think it's pox, there are no sores, just massive, massive swelling. The inside of his upper lid is swollen and sticking out on the eyeball.
    I tried to smell for infection, and I get a faint whiff of sickness, but no knock you out stench, so I'm guessing it's not coryza.
    I hate that it has gotten so bad so quickly, I just thought it was something that would pass.

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