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    Dec 8, 2013
    I have been searching for some answers for a little banty roo who has become ill, depressed, or both. Starbuck is about 18 months old, and has lived his entire life with a cochin roo and 14 hens of various breeds. He has always been vocal and quite the studly one, but the last few days, he has moped around and at night, he roosts by himself, which is very odd. And tonight I found him huddled in one of the hen's nests while everyone else was at the far end of the coop on their roosts. I picked him up and he didn't offer any resistance, also odd. And when I gently put him back in the nest, he didn't move at all.

    There has been no sickness in my flock,except notes below about a year ago. They are all the same general age, are fed Purina Layena & get a scratch grain treat in the morning, plus fresh fruit/veggie/salad scraps several times a week during the day.

    I will be isolating him tomorrow and wonder if anyone has any ideas about what this could be caused from? I do have poly-vi-sol and will give him a couple drops tomorrow. I also have tetracycline soluble and could put that in drinking water. I lost a couple of pullets to merks last year, but this little guy is not acting like they did.

    I'm also wondering if I should toss out the nest bedding and replace it, just in case. I really like Starbuck; he and I had regular call-callback conversations in the garden all summer long, and I'd sure hate to lose him. Any ideas? Thanks to all who reply.
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    I would treat him for coccidiosis. Marek's chickens seem to get cocci more often.

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