Roo, yes?


10 Years
Oct 2, 2009
It's a roo! I'm telling you, it's a rooster! My mom thinks it /could/ be a hen, but I still think it's a roo.

About 10 weeks old right now:

When will he start showing rooster behaviors? I'm not seeing any of letting the ladies eat first, bringing them food, etc. In fact, he's the one grabbing the food before anyone else.
Is he just too young for that? No crowing yet, but that'll come later, I'm sure. Yay for feed stores that take back roosters.

ETA: And he still has fuzz on the back of his neck! See that?
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Yep, giant head spot, light legs, more white when feathering in...everything points to a roo. I was just curious about his lack of rooster manners.
I'm thinking roo. My BR girls are 12 weeks old and none of them have comb/wattles anywhere near the size of yours. Plus my girls are darker.
Looks just like my Barred Rock roo. He didn't start acting "manly" until about 5 or 6 months. But he took to it quickly once he did!!!!! (As I recall, he did start crowing about the age yours is.)

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