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Oct 27, 2012
Our 1 yr old Cornish Rock Roo is so aggressive with the hens, often pecking them in the head repeatedly then holding on to the top of their heads with his beak while he does his thing. One in particular has been left bleeding from the comb several times. I have noticed that their feathers are becoming bare on the head and on top of the wings. I have seen the hen saddles but it seems like a lot of work to put them on all of them. I'm a newbie with Roos. Two of the hens run for their life when he's around. He's even gone after our 2 -6 wk old chicks that were far away from him. He's been so nasty that we have taken him out of the coop and he only sees them when they are all out free ranging. Any thoughts or advice on this?

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8 Years
Mar 11, 2013
Ontario, Canada
Sounds like he's making their lives pretty miserable. Personally, I would replace him or cull him. There are a lot of great roosters out there, many of them unwanted from straight run chicks that are raised. Better to give one a good home than keep a nasty, in my opinion.

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