Rooater spur causing pain???

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    Hi guys,

    Some of you might think this post is a little ridiculous but my Lav orp roo is start to get his Spurs in (I think) he's alittle over 8 months old and it seems as if the nail part of his spur is trying to poke its way through the skin. He's been more crabby than usual (Id say he's very well behaved for an animal that's known to be angry and mean) so I'm wondering if the Spurs growing in is making him grumpy.

    I'd imagine it would be uncomfortable and probably slightly painful having them grow in (similar maybe to baby teeth breaking though the gums? Maybe I'm crazy [​IMG]) but is there anything I can do to help him? Rub some kindof medicinal oil on them or put ice on them?

    Yes I spoil my flock, don't judge me for trying to be a good mother hen hahaha

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    I've never read anything about this.....I don't think that it's like a tooth coming in.
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    It's more like your toe tails growing. That doesn't hurt, does it?

    Examine his legs. Do you see any discoloration? Chickens, especially clumsy roosters, sometimes bang their legs on the perch as they're getting on and off. A bruise will appear blackish to greenish.

    I suppose if you feel like you really need to do something, you could rub arnica ointment on his legs. It could help bruising if there is any.

    More than likely, his moodiness is caused by escalation of hormones. This is the time that roosters go through some very unpleasant personality changes, and maybe he's getting ready to throw his little weight around to see what he can get away with.

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