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    Jan 8, 2008
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    I was watching the flock out free ranging this evening before work. There were some robins in my yard. I watched ole Rooboy puff himself up and go charging after the robins. He kept doing it till all of them had flown away. It almost brought a tear to my eye watching him protect his flock. It was funny after he chased off the dangerous robins he was strutting around his girls, in a look at me, your protector kind of way. He seemed in control of his girls and their well being. Not bad for a 10 week old roo. I did do an experiment, normally I shoo all the birds back into run just before dusk to make sure they will go back into their coop. Tonight I just left them roaming around in the yard. I kept looking out the window at them to see if I was going to have to rope them back in. At about 910 I see old Rooboy out strutting around and then head back into the run followed by all the girls, by 915 I was in the coop locking the pop door, and they were all up on the roosts. I guess ole rooboy told them it was time for bed. I am going to do it again tonight to see if they all head in again. I never worry about them if they are locked in their run, I know they will head in, but this was the first time they were free ranging and had to head back into the coop.

    I am one proud parent.
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    Such a good boy!

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