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  1. I got a major deal on a shed, if I choose to take them up on it. It's a tough shed, 8X8, barn style, with a corrugated metal roof. So... in the summer in the Sierra Foothills, will this roof cause a heat problem in the coop? There are vents, and the guy said he'd cut a window in for me too. I'm not worried about air circulation, but I am thinking that the roof will be hot. Do the folks here who have metal roofed coops insulate? If so, what material do you use? I don't want to go out one morning to find a bunch of hens with pink insulation hanging from their beaks!

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    I have a very old wood chicken coop with a metal roof in my yard. I use it for a storage shed. The temps in there are at least 10 degrees higher than outside and it takes all night to cool. This even with a large wire covered window, excellent ventilation and cracks between the weathered boards.
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    I have a plywood, shingled roof that's in the shade. I need to put a roof/van vent in.
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    coat it with either white or silver metal roof coating. color plays a major role in heat absorbtion.

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