Roofed or un-roofed runs/flights - which is better?

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    Feb 27, 2013
    This is a question regarding roofing over runs/flights.
    I currently have two sheds that are both 24x12ft, and both have four runs attached which are 6x14ft. The sheds are currently used to house several different breeds of poultry. The sheds are internally divided so that the each breed has its own quarters. The sheds are timber and have electricity and water provided but are not insulated – just tongue and groove timber.
    The poultry will soon be moved to new accommodation and I would like to re-purpose one of the sheds as a multi species aviary – maintaining the four divisions and runs/flights to keep breeds apart are appropriate.
    The only difference between the sheds is that one has a mineral felt/OSB board roof covering the runs, while the other is unroofed. The roofed runs obviously keep the ground nice and dry and provide some wind shelter, but are also quite dark underneath. The unroofed runs are obviously exposed to the elements.
    Unfortunately I can’t afford to cover the runs/flights with clear perspex sheeting, so my question is, whether aviary birds typically would prefer the roofed or unroofed shed runs?


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