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    I am rehabing a goat house to use as a chicken coop. I want to put a red metal roof on with a clear panel of Palruf clear PVC Paneling for more light in the coop. my question is how to blend it with the metal roofing. The plastic has rounded corrugations while the metal has square.
    Another question comes to mind, what is the problem with using all plastic. I assume that using clr would make the coop to hot, but if I used a colored material would that let in enough light to make it worth while.
    one final question, what about heat loss in the winter? Is it manageable enough to keep the hens warm? I have only build coops with asphalt shingle roofs so I am a noob at this type of roofing. any help is greatly appreciated -Bill
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    Quote:I can tell you that in horse barns, indoor arenas and pole-barn drive sheds, my experience is that translucent panels set into metal roofs will all eventually leak, sometimes badly. Not a big problem in the above situations, but NOT what you want in your coop, big time! I would really advise against it. Put windows or translucent panels in the walls instead Put them on the upper portions, running straight up to the eaves, for simplicity of construction.



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