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    Jun 6, 2010
    OK now that I'am in the right section and not the run and coop design here goes

    I posted a week ago about my new Genisis and my 0 for 42 on my first hatch

    So after alot of good advice I have purchased two hygrometers calibated both and reset 34 eggs

    here is my situation, I am hatching in my basement and the room humidity is 55% when I run the bator with no water the humidity is 20% (not sure why) and when I add a very little amount of water it goes up to 53%

    The room temp is very stable and I have the red plug on top of the bator out

    So what should I do

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    First off, the basement is the very best room for hatching. [​IMG] Constant temperature and high humidity.

    "Storey's Guide to Raising Chickens" says that during incubation (days 1-18) the humidity should be 60-62%. During hatching (days 19-end of hatch) the humidity should be 70%.

    Also, the directions say to keep both red plugs in until day 18. Since I often have problems with too-low-humidity during hatching, I keep both red plugs in until after the first chick hatches (per reccomendation of a fellow BYCer).

    Hope this helps!
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    I'd put the plug back in, but that's only me. I run about 25-30% in the bator with normal room humidity.
    I'm dealing with a LG and I am not adding water until lockdown. Then, it's very carefully!
    And don't worry, my first hatch was 0%. Second hatch was 50%. Third hatch is going on right now @7 peeps and counting. Humidity is bouncing from 65-90% as I try to stabilize it with opening/closings. We shall see what happens, but I can tell you it's all about constantly learning your equipment and environment.
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    My first hatch was 6 out of 24, second was 4 out of 25, last hatch I listened to a fellow byc'r, read the manuel better with the incubator and they both told me to take the plugs out....I also added a hygrometer..before my humidity was too high I was adding water every time it got low and the humidity was way too high and I didn't know it. the last hatch was 15 out of 25....if you go the June Hatching link by "Save The Favs" the first post is by her and I read it real good....
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    Jun 6, 2010
    I just can't beilieve how fast the responses are on this site

    Great read thanks

    This whole thing is fun and frustrating at the same time
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    Well this is just me and my experience and I've only hatched a few times. The first two blew chunks big time and the the other three rocked! The first one was due to impatience, I ended up shrink wrapping chicks becuz I opened the bator to remove a chick. Not good. The second hatch was shipped eggs and we won't even go there! The third hatch was shipped eggs again, but from an incredibly honest, caring person-she rocks! And the last two were local eggs and my own. I ended up with over 40 chicks out of 52 eggs. Some of these eggs were clear. Not too bad if I say so myself! Now, I did a dry hatch which worked incredibly well in wet Central NY. The first 18 days were between 20 and 30%. I then cranked the humidity up to 60+. The temps ranged between 98-101 and this was with an LG with turner and pc fan. I will say I had chicks hatching in low temps of around 96 degrees and really feel that humidity is a major factor, more so than temps. There are very good threads on byc regarding dry hatches, definitely worth reading. I also talked to a local breeder of Black Coppers and BLRW's and she loves the dry hatch herself! Good luck, I will say this, read and then find what works for you. It really is about your environment also, record all of your tweaks and temps/humidity readings and you'll be thankful you did!!!

    Get good thermometers and hygrometers and CALIBRATE!!!!!!
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