Room Temperature during incubation

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by enggass, Feb 28, 2017.

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    Why do I always read that incubation should be done in a room at about 70 deg F.... ? I have used my Brinsea Oct 20 Eco multiple times in my basement where the temp in the Spring is about 53 deg+/-. I just got the Brines Ovation 28 and the manual states not to use in a room below 63 deg. I have been testing it for a hatch set this Friday and it is holding temps at 99.5 to 99.6 without a problem. I would think consistent ambient temp(even cool) is more important than ambient temp swings... yet they don't mention that. Thoughts?
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    A lot of incubators---for sure the cheaper ones---can not keep the temp inside the incubator up/right if the room gets to cold. That's the reason. I can keep my temp up/right in my home-made incubator and hatcher with the room in the 40's or close 90.
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    xs 2. Your styros would probably die in a room that cold. But you also have to consider that just because an incubator can come up to temp in colder locations, I imagine that unit is going to have to work harder to do so and therefore has the possibility of shortening the lifespan of the unit. But that's just my logic.

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