Roos are fighting!! Help!!! Plz


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Feb 15, 2012
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Hello all, We had 3 hens and were given 3 roos. We put one roo in the coop with hens. The other 2 roos were loose in our fenced backyard that is connected to the coop. Now our 15 new hens are old and big enough to put in the big coop. I want to put the other 2 roos in with them but they are fighting really bad with the one in there already. Any ideas on how to keep all 3 roos? I don't want to get rid of any. We have 18 hens. Also got a young Houdan I believe to be a roo.


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How big is your coop? You need a lot of space for that many birds, and lots more if some are roosters. It just may not be possible with your current set up. Why not just leave the two extra roos in the yard?


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Mar 8, 2012
You should get rid of the roos and get a rooster, maybe two...I'm sure the hens would be a lot happier with something of their own species in there with them.

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With eighteen hens I would have at most only two cock birds. If they are young and virile they can easily handle that many girls. This will cut down on the fighting and the wear and tear on the hens.

As soon as you introduced the other two roosters back into the flock you upset the pecking order which is now trying to shake itself out. There can be only one flock boss at a time and they all three want it. I suggest removing one and letting the other two settle it.

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