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  1. My DH was out walking the dogs and noticed that both my roo's have red streaks on both legs. Its between the toes and sorta runs up their legs. they eat good and love my hens good I keep plenty of hay in the run so they don't have to walk on bare rock, None of my hens seem to have the problem. I ran Andrew and the general down and rubbed their feet really thick with bag balm. Is there any thing else i can do. They don't act different in any way except for the red streaks on their feet.

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    so far as i know the red on rir roosters is normal. all mine have the same red on their feet and legs.
    if i am wrong someone else better informed will come along.[​IMG]
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    My RIR roo also has red in between his toes.
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    Even Barred Rock roos have some red up the side of their yellow legs. It's normal.
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    I've noticed the colder it is, the redder my roosters legs get.
  6. Thanks so much i was worried about them. [​IMG]

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