Roo's --------- How many roo's can house together

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    Ok how many Roo's can you house together and what size pen and coop to house them in so they won't fight and kill each other or they really no size .

    I have a large pen / run ( which is 12' x 20'or so ) and a inside coop where they sleep which is about 8'x 10' . I have about 7 roo's different variety together for now until spring till I decide which one I'll be keeping for breeding . but it seems now that winter and the cold months are here and they seem to spend more time indoors then outside that some are being pick on more that usual . I know there is a pecking order but some are really begin pick on bad .

    So my question is how many Roo’s can you house together befor they go crazy and fight all the time

    Thanks Alan

  2. Bantimna

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    Well I think it depends on the hens.
    Roosters will fight if their are no or many hens. It would be best to have separate pens for each roo and his harem - (hens).

    Happy New Year!
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    How many roo's can house together

    As many as you can fit [​IMG]
    Sure they will fight at first but thats just them establishing the pecking order.
    But just watch them, sometimes that will single out a particular roo and bully him, possibly to death if your not careful.​
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    Housing a bunch of bachelors together is no different than housing a bunch of hens together. They will establish a pecking order and sometimes that can be vicious, even deadly, whether it is hens or roosters. With your space, you should have plenty of room for only seven chickens. I'd think you could handle 20 in that space.

    If you have hens in with the roosters or next door where they can see them, the fights will become mating fights regardless of how much room you have, which can be quite a bit more severe than the pecking order fights. Often, roosters raised together can work this out but it can easily become deadly, even if they were raised together.

    Some people have bachelor pens within site of the hens and don't have these problems. No two chickens will react exactly the same as any others. Sometimes things work and sometimes they don't. It's good to hear from people that have had different experiences to reinforce that they are all different.

    Good luck!!!

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    I had a Silver Laced and a Gold Laced Wyandotte together with ten of each variety of hen. They had some issues but it never got to serious. Once I started closing them up at night due to the weather it wasn't long before the GL dotte had killed the Sl dotte. They had grew up together along with the hens. Luckily when I ordered the hatchery botched the order and sent extra roosters instead of pullets. I will now seperate the coop and runs and never again house two breeds together with more than one rooster. Chickenplucker

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