Roos need new homes in PA

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by wefroggy, Sep 2, 2009.

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    I have 4 roosters that need to find new homes. All were born in March and are healthy, I just have 2 many.

    2 Black Cochins, they were supposed to be hens. Haha. They were late bloomers and we just discovered the roo-ness recently. They are very mild mannered.
    1 Rir 2nd roo in our group, but picks on the next roo. Other than that he is a nice roo.
    1 White Crested Black Polish, he gets picked on by everyone and has 1/2 a bald head. Other than that he is healthy, he needs to find a home with a few hens.

    I already have 1 alpha roo and am tired of the others creating havoc in my flock by competing with each other.

    Anyone want one or all?????? Going once.......

    I am in Tioga county PA and will travel within reason to deliver or meet someone. I have already sent many of my DE and RIR roos to the freezer farm and don't want to have to do that to these guys.

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