roo's or pullets??? *LOTS OF PIC'S*


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Apr 28, 2012
Grand junction
I have some 4 week old chicks and I need some help here. I know it is a little early but I was wondering if anyone could tell me if they think they are roo's or pullets so I know which ones I need to keep my eye on. I am not allowed to keep Roo's

#1 Ancona (this one had a bad case of pasty butt the first few weeks and now is still pretty tiny. It just don't seem to want to grown but seems to be doing a little better these last few days)

#2 Buff Orpington

#3 speckled sussex

#4 & #5 RIR couldn't get any real pictures of them but here is what I got

I would agree with the others. It looks like the Orp is a pullet and the rest seem like cockerels. I'm not very good at this, though just to warn you. :)
Ya, I am thinking the same thing. I got all of them out of pullet bins and the lady helping me said there is a 10% chance it could be a boy but that she could tell by there wings and promised that all of them were girls besides the sussex. That was only because the sussex was just hatched and she said it was to little to know for sure. Now I am wondering if she didn't get the wing thing mixed and sell me the boys. It's so stressful. I have gotten the total of 14 chicks all from pullet bins and the way things are looking I am only going to have 3 pullets. Not to happy about that
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Wow, thanks for the update. I'm really surprised that one barred rock didn't turn out to be a cockerel!

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