Roost Accommodation for A Cornish X?

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  1. Mrs Ugh

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    Sep 16, 2017
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    I am building roosts for my new coop and am not sure what to do for the Cornish X I have (courtesy of TSC). I have a poop board (really a tray) about 18" above the floor and am planning two roosts about 18" over that. I will build a ramp to reach the poop tray and figured the girls (except Wonder the Cornish X) could hop up from there. I don't think Wonder can get that high! Will she just find her own place? Should I build a second ramp or lower roost? Now she is staying on the floor of the brooder and usually gets pooped on!
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    It may be best for her to sleep on the coop floor if you can arrange so that she does not do so beneath the roosts. Jumping down from the roosts (even a short distance) may cause her to injure her legs. Hopefully she is being maintained on a restricted diet. Good luck with her.
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    a very short roost just enough to keep her off the ground.. mine used a 2x4, 4" up, attached to two 2x4s 2" up attached at 90 degrees for legs/support. so she was about 6" off the ground... in the winter she prefered a dog house in the coop and laid down.

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