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  1. i've read where your standard 2x4 works great for the roost, was wondering if a 1 1/2" x 5 1/2" board would work too or would that be too wide? i'm asking cuz i've been constructing the coop out of scrap lumber i have and the 1 1/2" x 5 1/2" boards in question have nice rounded edges on them, so i thought i'd use them, as i'm almost done with the coop and i've just run out of 2x4s. thanx for the info.

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    I would rip the 2"x6"'s down to 1 1/2"x1 1/2". That's is what I use and they are plenty wide and you will get more feet of roost out of one board.
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    You could try it...they'll probably do fine with it. I think most people just avoid wider boards because they tend to collect chicken droppings sometimes... Your birds will most definitely let you know whether it's acceptable or [​IMG] Easy enough to replace w/a 2 x 4 if not.
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    Quote:I thought the roost boards should be wider in Northern climates so when they are roosting in the Winter that their toes will be safely tucked under them to prevent frostbite, as apposed to hanging down and being exposed.

    My initial thought is that a roost board that wide would accumulate droppings. Its possible for a 1½" board to accumulate droppings. If you're going in regularly to clean off the poo board, its easy enough to just do a quick scrape of the roost at the same time.

    It wouldn't be wrong to use those. It makes sense to use what you have available. The rounded edges are nice, too. I think it'll be fine, what ever you choose.

  5. thanx for the advice. i didn't really think of the fact that the wider board might collect the poop instead of it dropping to the poop board. seems like the chicken butt should be hanging over the end of the board. i'll probably just cut the boards down or just toss a few dollars down for a couple of 2x4s. thanx again.

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