Roost for bantams? Specifically Frizzles.


8 Years
May 5, 2012
Lex, KY
I am going to build a roost for the two bigger chickens the suggested 18" - 24" above the coop floor and over a poop board. But would the Frizzles (we will have 2 probably) get up to them? I read they don't really fly much at all, but would they be able to do it by getting up to the poop board 12" to 16" off the coop floor and then up onto the roost 8" up or so from there?

Or would you suggest building a little ramp from the coop floor to the roost?

My other questing is: What roost width for bantams? I'm hoping to get a nice branch from the tree trimming piles in the neighbourhood. But can the bantams and the Australorps use the same width roost?

ETA: Is 8" above the poop board an okay height for the roost to be?
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