roost height??


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Sep 1, 2008
I hoping to get my full grown bantams this weekend! I have my coop already but I was wondering if my roosts are too high. They are off the coop floor about 24" and from there they can get on higher roost. Is the 24" height okay for the bantams to access? ( I'm obviously new at this!!!!)
If you think it's too high you could always give them a 12 inch roost to get to the 24 inch roost. I have no experience with bantams but I'd think 24 inches would be ok.
Being that they're adults, 24" is fine. Younger bantam chicks would need lower roosts. Congrats on your new flock!
my bantams don't seem to really care for the roost! They prefer the straw bale instead
I have my roost about 18" off the floor and that seems to be pretty good. Since they can fly, I would watch for the distance from the roost to the ceiling. Unless you are going to clip their wings. my bantams can fly really high and if they can, they will fly high!!

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