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    My pullets are 14 weeks old. I have a total of 20 pullets and roosters.

    I lost some chicks to neighbors dogs and replaced them with productions chicks (sex-link). The new chickens are like a flock within a flock.

    The original chickens took to the roost without any problems and the new birds want to roost on the nest perches.

    Anyone have suggestions or ideas on how to get the production birds to roost with the rest of the chickens on the roost that was built to be a roost.

    The structure built for the roost is trellis shaped and leans against the western side of the house. The nest boxes are built on the northern wall with access from the outside.

    There is a perch (rod) for the hens to stand on before entering the nest and this is where the newer chickens are roosting.

  2. speckledhen

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    Fran, what you may have to do it go out every night after dark and put them on the roost so they wake up there in the morning. I have sort of the same problem. My 13-wk olds keep trying to sleep in the nestboxes because of the ruckus that goes on every night at roost time in the main flock. I go out and drag them out and put them on their roost bar, which is away from the main crowd. If it's dark, they stay put. It's a huge pain, I know, but may be the only way for them to get the msg.
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    Thanks Speckledhen, I was afraid that was going to be the solution. Now when I go down to close up their walkway I will have to move "the red-headed strangers" to the lower rungs of the REAL roost.

    Poor Stacey(black Langshan) and Lee(Americana Roo) will have to get down off the top of the door frame so I can move the strangers.

    Told my DH that he should block off that ledge above the door so the ladies wouldn't roost there. [​IMG]
  4. franfoley

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    Well I did as speckledhen suggested. Thank you so much that did the trick. On the first night I moved all 4 , then on the second night only one was left in the box. I went out way late and all 4 were still in the proper place.

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