Roost Pecking Order Nightly

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  1. Here is the pecking order on the roost every night, have only seen this different a few times.
    Interesting is, the pure Black Rosecomb rooster, always has the pure Rosecomb hen beside him, very interesting indeed.

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    NIce Pic! It is kind of interesting.

    I never thought much about it but something similar usually happens in my coop. The top hen gets first pick of the best spot, and from there they seem to line up based on hierarchy in the flock.
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    My rooster always had his favorite hen of the week and she was expected to sleep at his side. He slept in the same spot every night. He'd gently lift toes with his beak if the wrong one jumped up next to him until she got annoyed enough to move. It was comical to watch. Now that he's gone, they sleep wherever they feel like it. It changes from night to night and there aren't any favorite spots but if the dominant hen wants a particular spot one night, she has no qualms about taking it (and she's not nearly so gentle as he was).
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    Mine fight for their spots every.single.night. There are several roosts at various heights but they all want to squeeze onto the rafter, which is only about 8 ft wide. I have 49 chickens, and they can't all fit. They knock each other off and squawk like someone is in there killing them. There are six of them that are happy on the lower roosts, but the rest all fight for the top spot. My roo's are still young, they definitely do not have anything over the older hens.
  5. My Rosecomb Rooster is the only one crowing, the Old EnglishX does not crow, will this chqnge? He is kept up on the roost most of the time too, does not get beat up though...

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