Rooster acceptance of new hens....


Aug 26, 2019
I have lost all 3 hens in the last 2 months (2 to neighbors dog attacked and 1 passed 2 days ago from unknown reasons - we did have a snake visitor that day and wonder if she had a heart attack. they are healthy). I was left with my Rooster all alone.... I got 3 new hens (who are about 4 months old) and my rooster is having a hard time bonding. My original 5 were with me since a week old.... He won't let them up in the coop at night...they can go in the bottom of the coop and roost on the perch, but he won't let them in the nest area where all the girls and him would go at night together (since babies). I thought getting older girls would be better than new babies. He does hang out with them during the day (they are in a kenneled area attached to the coop).

Will it just take time for him to bond/get used to them or do you think he will not bond ever? I know he misses his old roommates....breaks my heart.

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