Rooster acting offish

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    Jul 8, 2012
    My Austrlorp Rooster has been acting offish for the last few weeks. He is not the dominate roo and doesn't demand attention like the dominate one. So i am not sure if its just because i am in the run with him. He is eating and drinking fine and his stools seem to be normal. I have checked him for crop issues and he seems OK there. Also checked him for bugs under his wings and couldn't see anything. Just wormed all the chickens a few days ago as well. When ever i go into the run he seems to hide. I also have not heard him crow in quite awhile.The only other thing that is different is that one of his girls passed away almost 3 weeks ago. Anyone know if roos get depressed?
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    It could be that losing his girl shook him a bit. Chickens do mourn losses, like we do and they can get depressed too. Just give him a little extra attention and treats and hopefully he'll bounce back soon.

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