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    Decided to post this just to show that roosters are quite capable of changing and adapting their behavior as needed (at least this one is) and that the integration a new chicken goes through several stages. About 3 weeks ago I got a new Bantam rooster, allegedly a year old, and put him together with my 4 laying hens and 2 pullets.

    First week: The wimp. He behaved like a low-ranking hen, was timid and got pecked and chased away from the food by the hens.
    Second week: The sociopath. He went into revenge mode and started pecking everyone else aggressively and grabbing any food for himself, until he was on top of the pecking order and all the others were afraid of him.
    End of third week: The gentleman. I suddenly saw him call the hens over to point out treats to them repeatedly. He even let them take food that he was holding up right out of his beak. Seems he's discovered his inner gentleman - I'm glad that went so fast.
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    First week: act like a pushover and figure out who the head hancho is so you know where to direct the most energy during week two
    Second week: start letting them know you are the real boss and a force to be reckoned with
    Third week: utilize their newfound fear to make them susceptible to your trickery. Offer gifts to get them within easy grabbing distance.

    Typical rooster. lol
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    And there I was thinking that he's a brave little guy coping with great changes in his life... and instead, it's all a well thought out strategy! Gaaahh - Thinking back, I've failed to see through guys' strategies before, only they weren't roosters. Maybe I'm just too pure minded, even after decades of life in this world. I hereby award myself the "gullible hen medal".

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    Two funny posts.

    Yes, that is typical cockerel behavior..... and great example of it, thanks for sharing.

    (applies to some human males as well)

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