Rooster amorous - hens close to laying?

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    So I have two roosters, a RIR and an EE. Both have begun crowing this past week. All our chickens are from the same hatchery and the same age (just about 20 weeks). Our red starts are all getting red combs and wattles and we've caught the roosters each trying to climb up on them - all be it clumsily. Does this mean the hens are getting close to laying or is this just "practice" for our roosters? No eggs yet, I read average laying age for red stars is around 20 weeks, but longer on our other breeds (RIRs, Australorps, and Barred Rocks). Just wondering if a rooster will try to mount a hen even if the hens aren't ready yet, or if this is a sign that they are getting close.
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    In my experience, it's not so much when the roosters start strutting their stuff (crowing, mating attempts, etc.) that indicate a pullet is about to start laying. It's the squat. When you see a pullet start squatting for the rooster, she's real close.
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    Generally, cockerals will mature before pullets. If the pullets are squatting for him, then they are close. If they are running away from him, then they're not ready yet.

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