rooster and chicken eyes swollen and shut

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    Oct 12, 2013
    just got a rooster and hen, aka saved! both the hens eyes are all pussy and a little red the people we got her of say she is blind. But they are only crusted all around. in one eye you can see her pupil but I don't think that she can see. As for the rooster the poor thing has one of his eyes swollen pussy and the size as an adult mans thumb!

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    do you have any pictures?

    could be eye infection, sounds like something contagious if they both have it. I would keep them quarantined until you can get it under control and give antibiotics. if you can get to Tractor supply pic up some tylan 50 it's used for Cows, and give them 1/2 cc either inject it or down there throats..

    Is there an odor coming from it? if so it could be Coryza which the tylan will help.

    If you have any tetracycline ointment, put some of that in each eye as well.

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