Rooster and drake killing each other!

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  1. Hi this morning I went outside to feed the chickens and ducks when I saw my drake and rooster ripping each others feathers out! And then it got worse they jumped at each other and since the drake is heavier he crushed the rooster! The drake then beat his wings on the rooster while the rooster tried to struggle free! The rooster escaped and then got caught again! this time the drake had him and was standing on the roosters neck suffocating him! If it wasn't for me braking up the fight he would have been killed!

    What caused this? Will it happen again? And should I separate them?
  2. Please help!
  3. Please! I want to know!
  4. Of course you need to seperate them. Do you have hens or female ducks?
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    I saw your post, and while I don't know the answer to the problem of them fighting, I feel bad for you. How awful.
    I hope someone knows how to solve this. I would try to keep them as far away from each other as possible, at least for now.
    Hang in there, take care.
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    Was it over food? I guess you did not see.
    Frequently, if they start fighting, head male of one bird type to head male of another, it does not stop. They both have come to the top in their own group of birds, and are offended by the male swaggering around a bunch of girls in his territory. Even if the duck is winning now, the chicken could easily come above and seriously rip up your duck with his spurs. Many might disagree with me here, but I honestly say you should wait and see if it happens again. This is because once you separate two fighting males, they typically must be separated for good, because the minute you reintroduce them it is far worse. So if you separate, it is likely for good.
    Free range them if you can, if you are not already. Interesting surroundings and more space often solves struggles like this. Add more places for food and water so they do not have to be near each other as much. If not already, allow the ducks someplace where they can swim around, and the chickens things they can hop up and get high off the ground. My dominate Blue Swedish drake and dominant Australorp cockerel have been noticing that there is another boy in the hood who fancies himself master man and have been disputing. The above mentioned has alleviated much of the fighting, and what had been going on before was much worse than just sitting on one another.
  7. What happens if there is no one there the next time this happens??? Seems pretty risky to me.
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    Well, that is a good point, but if you ever have to put them back together again, they will fight even worse. If you can get them to work it out on their own you should let them. Interfering can just cause problems. We have to remember that they have their own lives and disputes going on and at times none of them really appreciate interference.
  9. Of course if one of them is dead, the op's problem will be settled....
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    Sure, the OP can separate them if she/he really wants to, but I am just saying you usually can not put them back together again. Ever. If you will always have the space and ability to keep them separated, great. But if they are together again, they will definitely kill each other then.

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