Rooster around two years

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    Jun 2, 2015
    We have our rooster, he's about two years old and last week he was acting a bit weird, he was standing alone but he would go to the coop at night we didn't really think much of it, until about five days ago where we found him hiding in the garden hunched over in the morning on the way to open the coop. He was very skidding and took off into a neighbours field and dint come back until three days later which then he got attacked by our guinea fowl, it wasn't anything bad but that's when we really notices he was acting strange, he's not tippically aggressive but at this point he wasn't even fighting back, we tucked him in the barn for the night so just Incase he had anything he wouldn't spread to the other coops. Yesterday when we were looking at him he seemed very lartheic and his cowl and waddles are more of a pale coral than the regular bright red. One of the moth concerning things is when we picked him up he spat up some bile or vomit (I don't know if chicks can even vomit). Generally we are really concerned for him and we have no idea what to do, none of our other hens or roosters have ever been like this.[​IMG][/IMG]

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    Apr 24, 2014
    OK, let me just say one thing. I had a perfectly healthy bird one time who didn't like being picked up. And so she learned that when I picked her up if she puked she might be put down sooner. So if he's only puking when you pick him up then that might not be a symptom so much as a result of the other symptom, skittishness.

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