Rooster at night time


Mar 23, 2018
So we rescued 2 "hens" as chicks from the local 4H program last year. They both ended up being roosters. Two different breeds. We moved into a new house and we let the roosters free range and everything was fine for about 4 months. Then a hawk got one. We now just have a polish rooster named steve. Because our property hits 3 others backyards we have been bringing steve in every night around 10 pm and then put him in a box with bedding for the night and release him again in the morning at 7:30 am. We are in the process of finding him 2 polish hens so he isnt lonely anymore. I feel horrible. Question is: Is there anything out there that we can do so that we can leave him out over night without him crowing? Or are we going to need to do this for the rest of his life?

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