Rooster attacked by dog

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  1. sunbridge

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    Aug 31, 2009
    One of my Cochin Roos was attacked yesterday by a dog I assume. I found him standing under a tree with very few feathers, barely moving. I put him in a pet carrier for the night just to see if he would even make it that long. This morning, he was standing, but his back has been ravaged. I don't see any horrible puncture wounds, but the majority of his feathers have been pulled out from mid back to his tail. I don't know how long he was out there before I found him, but it was long enough for the flies to get to him. So this morning, there were the beginnings of maggots. I washed all this off as best I could with hydrogen peroxide, and scrubbed the area with a good wound cleanser. I applied blu kote to his entire back and a salve that will help keep the flies from further getting into it. I also have put him back in the carrier and put a heat lamp on him since he was wet from all the cleaning and I didnt' want him to chill. Can anyone think of anything else I need to be doing? I put some of his pellets in with him, and added boiled egg. I can't tell that he has eaten anything or had any water since this all happened last night. It has been about 24 hrs now and I am trying to leave him alone so he can heal .... I did purchase some screw worm spray to battle the maggots further that I may have missed..... any other recommendations would be appreciated. I would hate to lose him......

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    Give him some plain yogurt to help with digestion, if he'll eat it. There are recipe's on here that help boost the immune system. Electrolyets in the water may help, if he will drink them. Sorry for your poor rooster. HenZ
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    Aug 24, 2009
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    my pepsi (she is a chicken!) has a wood chip in her throat so her food all gets stuck in her throat! [​IMG] so we feed her yogurt... if u dont feel like making ur own yogurt then Activia yogurt helps digest food because it has living organisms that eat it for peps and ur roosta!!!

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