Rooster Attacked by dogs


8 Years
Apr 3, 2011
South Carolina
My roo was attacked yesterday by dogs. I plan to take him to work to my vet today. (I work for a vet) But he isn't up to date on poultry care. We only treat cats and dogs.

I guess what I am asking if anyone has advice to antibiotics we should try him on orally. I may even have one of those here at home. He's in pretty rough shape. I haven't seen him eat or drink on his own. I did put his beak in water and he drank some this morning. I was going to take him to be seen right after it happened yesterday, but after screaming and yelling and bawling my eyes out at my dogs who suddenly stopped obeying me to kill him I had a migraine that went on for over 10 hours.

Here's the miserable boy:



His face is swollen around his eyes and he has bite wounds on his back and butt. He also had one of his wings (hopefully it was mainly the feathers) crushes at the tip by one of my dogs. One dog tried to strangle him so I don't even know how he is still standing...
General antibiotics should work, something from the penicillan family, if acted on quickly, but waiting may mean those puncture wounds can become quickly infected and become septic so you'll have to step up to a much stronger antibiotic. Stress is a major reason a lot of birds do not make it. He's probably suffering from shock as well. Flush those bit wounds out really well, keep him warm, quiet, secluded, and on antibiotics for 10 days and he may recover.

I just want to mention that once a dog, or dogs in your case, become chicken killers, they'll likely continue this behavior, especially if they did it right in front of you. You may be forced to choose between poultry free ranged or dogs free ranged.
I had the same thing happen to my roo. I first put him in a crate in a warm (it was cold out) dark, quiet place. I only bothered him to care for wounds and to make him take water. It took three days for him to start to eat on his own and I didn't force him because his crop was full that whole time. I used antibiotic salve on the wounds and didn't give anything internal. He took three weeks to be up and around but he is the alpha roo now and beautiful! The shock is often the most deadly concern, they are amazing healers, even without support. Good luck.
Poor guy! I have had several problems with the neighbor's dogs in the past.

What I would do is soak the injured guy in a sink full of warm water with diluted betadine. That way the betadine gets into any wounds that are hidden under the feathers. My chickens really seemed to relax and enjoy the warm bath, too. Just make sure you dry him thoroughly. I do this under a brooder/heat lamp.

I wouldn't worry too much if he doesn't eat for a couple of days, but water is important. Try some Gatorade or Pedialyte in his water. Also try giving him a scrambled egg, although like I said, he may not eat for the first day or two.

Also, I don't put ointment on my guys' injuries. In my opinion, that just seems to (a) attract dirt and (b) get the feathers stuck into the wound which I think would hurt more than help. I just keep an eye on the wounds and spray them with Vetericyn. After they scab, I don't put anything else on them.

Keep him warm and quiet, and you may be surprised. These guys are tough and it amazes me sometimes that they can come back from what seems like death's door in just a few days.

Good luck with your beautiful boy!
Thanks everyone. We didnt have any bicacillin (sp?) available here. We have him on Baytril. Funny thing is he ate his tablet on his own. He pecked at it and swallowed it in the office. He also picked a little at his food. I think that's a good sign even if it was only a few nibbles of food.

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