rooster attacked my favorite hen


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Apr 19, 2009
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I have removed the rooster because I was so mad, but I am thinking about putting him back in the coop and putting the injured hen in my sick coop....

My EE rooster has always been very calm/wimpy. He has never mated with one of the hens (most friendly & my favorite) who is a Delaware. Her comb is bigger than his & today he started raising his hackles at her and challenging her. She seemed to put him in his place & all seemed well, but I got home a few minutes ago to find her comb bloody and neck feathers pulled out. I shamed the rooster by carrying him around & put him in the sick coop. The Delaware is now cowering and tries to get out of the tractor as soon as the door is open. Any advice? I like both the rooster and the hen, but would probably be more willing to give up the rooster. Is it going to have to come to that? Thanks for the help!
Well, you probably want to make sure your other hens aren't picking at her bloody comb, and if they are, get her out of there quick. I'd just say adios to the roo. I don't put up with overly aggressive roos in my flock. I have lots to choose from, so I keep the nice ones.
I will check on her... Would it be ok to put some vaseline or neosporin on her comb to protect it?

I wish her eggs had been fertile where I could have some of her chicks! I don't think she is very injured, but I had both toddlers out there with me & trying to hold the rooster so my assessment wasn't terrific.

Why would this roo decide to attack her? They have been together for 4 months or so. Should I not be putting together a hen with a larger comb than the roo?
I take it that the hen is older and the rooster is just comming into his "manhood". Lemme tell you a story. My passion is gamefowl. After they reach adolescence, the guys have to be penned alone or with a hen. I came by some full grown Americana hens and the largest of the 4 was black and mean to the other 3. I put her into a pen previously occupied only by a 5 month old Spanish Game stag. She was a big girl and about 5 1/2 lbs and he was young and around 3 lbs. She beat the stuffings out of him and his refuge was the roost. This went on for a couple months.

I was in the chicken yard feeding one day and happened to notice he was on the ground. She jumped him as usual, but instead of flying to the roost, he stood his ground. As the battle emerged, I could actually see the anger building in him. They fought for a good 10 minutes, while I watched. She was sure he would run and all the "run" had left him and he was becomming a man. Finally, she ran. He chased her around the pen and she took refuge in the nest box. He fumed and paced and finally cooled down enough to leave her and eat. Never had another squabble, ever.

Now I could be wrong as I didn`t wittness your predicument, but I would think that a similar goins on had occurred in your yard. The hen will cower for a day or so and all will be well. Seems to me you will have some fertile eggs before long. If the other hens peck at her wounds, put some Noxema face cream on her and they will stop. Don`t blame the boy, he`ll be a good one.........Pop
OK, so should I put him back in this evening when I can supervise or just put him back in now and let her cower? The kids are laying down, so I went to check on her and she seems to be mostly ok... just a little bloody & the feathers on her neck are gone. I would be really sad if he beat her up bad enough to kill her, but if they can work it out that would be great. I really like this rooster too. He's been a good guy... I think he is just finally getting his full weight. He is about 7 months old now & she is about a year old.
I tried to put him back in & he first tried to jump on her back. When she wouldn't allow it (b/c she is scared of him now) he just started beating her up. I have him out again & hope a night in solitary will help. He is such a gorgeous and otherwise nice rooster... I hope he can go back in!
OK, if that won`t work right now, move her out and give her a week or so to regain her composure. Hard to tell what triggers aggression toward a hen, but it does happen. A week or so apart may smooth it out........Pop
Thank you for your advice:) I will update. Right now I have the rooster in our "sick" pen up on the porch. After he woke the house up at 4:30 I think having the hen up here sounds like a better idea;) I will update later.
It seems like hes attacking her because she wont submit to him...bad rooie! I've heard of other roosters killing a hen over this..

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