Rooster attacked, neck cocked to one side

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  1. Senae

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    Jul 9, 2007
    Chicken got a head injury from being attacked and surviving. Was walking funny but upright for about a week. Seemed like he was going to be alright. All of a sudden, though he is now laying down in the pen with his neck cocked to one side, and he seems like he's having seizures. His neck is jerking. Gave him antibiotic drops. He's been like this 2 days. He ate and drank last night. Have to hold his kneck up to help him eat and drink. What can be done for him? Anyone had this experience? Is there a chance he could still make it? Do we need to put him out of his misery? Already moved him to pen by himself so other chickens won't pick on him. He isn't walking at all.

    (Put live trap up to catch predator who already killed a few other chickens. Chickens are kept in pens, but the predator is getting in somehow.)

    Thank you so much for any advice. I really want this rooster to make it; I just don't know what to do, and I don't want him suffering.
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    I don't have any help to offer but I hope someone chimes in soon for you.

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